The carpets at BARO are from TRIBAELS, curated by Jai Khanna. They are woven treasures, many of them vintage and antique : carpets and killms from India, Afghanistan, Iran and the Caucus

Amongst them you will find war carpets from Afghanistan with the machinery of war - helicopters and tanks - woven in to the pictures; rare jail carpets from British India, woven by prisoners in the jails of Agra; tribal carpets from Persia where the motif of the tribe distinguishes it from another; kilims that tell stories and trace history; gardens and pomegranates and reminders of love and passion…

Most of the carpets in the collection come with an oral history traced by the families that have had them and now give them up for adoption and sale. These are not from dealers but from people intrinsically connected - from villages that wove them or families that kept them. 

If you have a size and color that your are looking for, chances are that we will find one that fits and bring it to the shop for you to see.