White Pomegranate

Centuries before, pomegranate rinds were used as a natural dye for textiles to create deep, earthy, yellow tones. The tradition continues to this day and to honour it, our company strives to similarly nurture the vanishing techniques of Indian textiles. Our methods are entirely hand crafted, overlapping with modern designs to stay relevant.
We use only natural fibres, linen being the constant. It dates back in use to the Egyptian age due to it’s natural components of with-standing dust, naturally more fire retardant than most man-made fibres, it’s long lasting qualities and most importantly, its understated luxury.
White Pomegranate stands for timeless functional design in interior fabrics, with a strong sense of geometry that recurs unassumingly.
Designs influences vary from the Bauhaus and Art Deco movements, to traditional Islamic patterns. Simplicity is key in the web of endless, complex shapes and structures.
Colour is as integral as design. Arbitrary in nature, it is used to challenge the viewer's “way of seeing”.