It’s been two years of BARO, and two years of a “BARO headspace”!

It’s a headspace that always includes

Great design

Sensible pricing

Deep roots in craft and craftsmanship

Local global

A touch and feel experience

A community of people looking to share the uncommon

A feel-good space to be in

We have used our space to introduce designers who are connected to grassroots craftsmen, and who come from places not often seen in Bombay. What they universally told us was how much they enjoyed engaging with the people who came by, and what a special experience it was.

That is what led to the BARO MARKET : to gather a collection of people we love, who work with the integrity and originality we believe in and make products that are unique and special.

The BARO MARKET is BARO outside Interiors!

The BARO MARKET is a place you will always be enchanted by; you will always find things to get, to wear, to gift or to play with – from a few hundred rupees onwards. Everything will always have a story to tell you, and every time you come you will find new things.


145 east takes underdog fabric, from an underdog city, and pushes it to households all over India and beyond.


Absynthe Design constantly toys with the concept of time, incessantly smudging vintage with futurism and playing with antiques.


FroggMag has a story with every product - a story about the country - its art, architecture, heritage and people.


Rangeela is a Goa-based lifestyle brand that celebrates a laid back, conscious life in the tropics. The designers of the brand take inspiration from their semi-nomadic lives that span India, Bali, Australia and Africa.


RASA – the Jaipur based designer line of contemporary hand block prints. Intricate designs that are created through the imprints of hand crafted wooden blocks result in luxurious clothing and bedding.


BARO’s pride in colours are perfectly reflected in VARNAM’s brand philosophy. VARNAM (colours) is an ode to colourful India.