Original design by Siddharth Sirohi

Plush and regal, sitting on the Flip sofa you will be unable to tell its underlying pinnings of a bed. You will be amazed by the comfort, the inclined seat, the ample cushioning; in short you’ll experience a very comfortable sofa. In three easy steps, it becomes a bed that drops you into blissful sleep and you wake up to mornings without achy backs or sore bodies. This fastididous design blends both functions of a bed and sofa to perfection, and is neither too soft nor too hard, just perfectly balanced in the middle.

Material Used

Reclaimed Teak, Marine Grade Plywood, High Density Foam, Jute, Natural Polish


Width: 75.5"
Depth: 38"
Height: 31"

Sofa Seat
Width: 68"
Depth: 22"
Height: 17"

Sofa Bed
Width: 68"
Depth: 92"
Height: 11"


INR 1,15,000 + Fabric + Tax

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