Original design by Siddharth Sirohi. 

This queen-sized bed is beautifully dressed from crown to royal toes. The minimal headboard is enlivened by unevenly spaced wooden bars. The sprawling bed, with all the support of old teak, is the perfect companion to sound sleep. And the footrest that runs all along the base is a convenient surface for multiple uses. 

Material Used

Reclaimed teak, natural polish.


Width:  66”
Depth:  90”
Height: 12”


Bed : INR 70,000 + Tax
Bed + Sticks Headboard : INR 85,000 + Tax
Bed + Cane Headboard : INR 90,000 + Ta
Bed + Buttons Headboard : INR 85,000 + Ta
Bed + Diamond Headboard : INR 85,000 + Ta

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