Original Design by Siddharth Sirohi

This is just the most adaptable storage piece of furniture you could think of : its got drawers, and shelves, and a mini-cupboard, and you can mix and match the pieces to create what works for you! The see-through design makes it perfect for spaces that need storage but don’t want to look all shut in and claustrophobic, and the colours can be customized to go with the look and feel you want to create. Its got the classic Mid Century style but you can make it speak your language with what you put in it and the colours that you use. 

Place in the centre of a  room as a divider, against a wall like a sideboard or as a unit attached to a bed or a workplace - it will look great anywhere!

Material Used

Reclaimed teak, natural polish and duco paint.


Width: 66"
Depth: 12"
Height: 35.5"


INR 65,000 + Tax

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