Original Design by Siddharth Sirohi

The Gramophone is a Mid Century inspired hutch and credenza unit that offers multiple storages. A tall, slim glass cupboard sits atop a cabinet, and the integration allows for a wide range of uses: as a bar - with storage as well as a working space, as a crockery cabinet, or as a display case. Use your imagination to think of other uses to put it to too!

Aesthetically, the unit follows classic lines but has a modern feel. The large, sculpted wooden handles are the focal point, while the rattan woven doors house a dramatic, round metal handle. The drawers are coloured to add a zing, with a sliver of the same at the top to tie it all in.

Use this piece as if it were a piece of art: it will certainly feel like that in any room!

Material Used

Reclaimed teak, natural polish, duco paint, cane, lacquered mild steel and glass.


Width: 47"
Depth: 18"
Height: 81.5"


INR 1,35,000 + Tax

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