Party Animal

Party Animal


Original Design by Siddharth Sirohi

Inspired by the classic lines of the Mid Century Modern movement, this compact bar has a front that is a graphic interplay of painted handles, laid over faux leather doors. The top unit has a wooden front that drops down to become a mirror surfaced counter. The inside has shelves to store glasses, even a rack to store your wine glasses and the bottom unit is used to store bottles. Wine bottles can be stored horizontally, there’s place for an ice bucket, a drawer for all bar tools - and all this in a compact size that is perfect for all modern living! Reclaimed teak polished with our signature natural blend, automotive paint, faux leather and real mirror blend together to create this handsome creature you cannot live without!

Material Used

Reclaimed teak, natural polish, duco paint, mirror and faux leather.


Width: 37"
Depth: 19"
Height: 51.5"


INR 95,000 + Tax

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